"We are the punishment of the basketball Gods.  If you had not committed great basketball sins. The Gods would not have sent a punishment like us ​upon you."

Mission Statement:
 The Memphis Disciples & Lady Disciples Elite Basketball Organization will work in partnership with selected community schools to encourage good health habits, build athletic skills, increase self-awareness and self-esteem, and reduce student failure and drop-out rates through the provision of a comprehensive athletic program and access to high quality academic tutorial services.

About the Disciples Empire:  
We are Memphis Disciples & Lady Disciples Elite Premier National Travel Boy's & Girl’s Basketball Program. We are looking forward to having another outstanding year. We have a 100% success rate with players who started and finished their high school careers with us in receiving athletic scholarships since our inception (March 2000). We provide great opportunities for our players so they can compete against the highest level of competition. In addition, we coach, train and develop our players in team, one-on-one and small group sessions to help expand their basketball skills and take their games to the next level.
The Disciples' teams are sponsored by The Junior Sports Association and participate in the Top National Tournaments throughout the United States during the NCAA Viewing Periods where hundreds of college coaches attend.

What makes The Disciples & Lady Disciples unique is that we provide top-notch experienced coaches who prepare their players for success on and off the court. We play hard, we play smart and we play together. Our coaches have college degrees and are former athletes who attended college on an athletic scholarship.

The Disiciples are not just about elite athletic prowess. We are a multifaceted organization who cares about under-served boys & girls in Memphis. This website will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of our mission, vision, goals and objectives.

How does a club team differ from a high school team?
Club basketball is a compliment to the student athlete’s High School regimen. For the Elite Division, High school players who are not yet seniors, the season begins after the Elite High School season is over and typically running from February through the month August. The Disciples & Lady Disciples Club program is focused on preparing the student athlete for the level of play demanded by NCAA Division I programs. There are certain dates that change from year to year in which college recruiters can evaluate prospective athletes for their college programs. We travel during the club season and attend some of the best events for college recruitment around the country. Most tournaments we attend are scheduled during NCAA evaluation periods for maximum exposure and top competition.

What is the focus of the Memphis Disciples & Lady Disciples Basketball Club?
As a club we have shifted our focus away from just playing as many games as possible, to one more toward the fundamental skill development of our players. We have found that college coaches start their evaluation process as young as the seventh and eighth grades, to get a head start in the recruiting process. We need to be training our student athletes toward the collegiate goal incorporating strong fundamental training along with the highest level of competitive play. This understanding is apparent in all of our coaches as we are continually improving our knowledge base to aid in the athlete’s development. 

What are the fees associated with club basketball?
The Memphis Disciples & Lady Disciples has one division, an Elite Division for all High School players who are not yet seniors. The Elite fees include the following: Tournament entry fees, Hotel fees for out of town tournaments, airfare when applicable, Van rental fees with insurance and player recruiting biographies for college recruiters. The Elite Division depending on tournaments that the teams enter the fee is $300 per season for each player. Depending on travel cost. Monthly payments prior to season beginning (February), is highly suggested.

Where do you practice & how many times per week?
We practice two times a week (depending on the coach number of practices may differ) at different gyms in Memphis and or surrounding areas. As we have players from all around the Memphis and surrounding areas playing with our club. Some travel to practice is needed to keep cost as low as possible. The exact times are determined by each team and are subject to modification based upon gym time availability. Alternative gyms may be used for time to time.

How do you determine playing time?
Playing time is determined by the coaching staff only. Remember this is top-level travel basketball. Coaches will evaluate all areas effort in practice, attendance of practice, knowledge of plays, effort in game and situation match up of the game. In other works playing time is not a right; it is a privilege that is earned.

Do you guarantee my child will receive a college scholarship?
NO, and no one can make that guarantee. We will give your child the tools, guidance, support and knowledge to obtain an athletic college scholarship. But finally it is up to the player to put forth the effort in the classroom and at practice. We will make every effort to put players in a situation to be successful and market those skills to caches in DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and Junior Colleges across the nation.